Rosy with lamb

Born out of love

Why is there no wool that does not itch, that is available in beautiful colours and that is guaranteed to be produced without animal suffering or human exploitation?

This is the question with which I began a long quest and which ultimately led to Patrick and I creating Rosy Green Wool in 2012.

Rosy and Patrick

I am Rosy and I was raised loving animals and the smell of sheep wool, growing up in the small spinning mill that belonged to both my grandparents and parents at the edge of the Swabian Alb. My grandmother taught me everything I know about knitting and wool quality. The spinning mill did not survive the textile crisis and I became a computational linguist, obtaining a PhD in computer science. Nevertheless, I never completely gave up knitting nor the possibility to imbue my clothes with an individual, creative expression.

Knitting would, perhaps, have remained only a hobby, had the search for soft wool not led me to discover mulesing, a painful process that occurs in Merino wool production. This made it clear that I couldn't possibly continue knitting with wool obtained in such a manner. And it inspired me to try finding a better means of wool production, making the exact yarn that I would like to have myself.

I got to know and love Patrick while we were both still working in IT. When I told him about my wool production idea, he was immediately thrilled. Together we learned a lot about sheep, spinning and dyeing. That was back in 2012 and, in the meantime, that initial idea has grown into our mutual calling.

I was able to show my grandmother our first colour card shortly before her death. She was overjoyed that my love for sheep had finally led me back to where it all started for me - to good wool and to our family tradition.

Merino sheep

Manufactured with love

Soft wool feels even better when it is ethically produced. This is why we only use wool that is obtained from happy sheep at certified organic farms. It is spun and dyed in small quantities in manufactories in England and Portugal, according to our exact specifications. It is also 100% independently certified in accordance with GOTS - Organic and Fair.

More about our production

Women with wool shawl

Quality with a love for detail

We make wool for people who like to relish it, which requires cuddly soft wool that smells good. A yarn that feels just as good when it is being knitted as it does when it is worn. From which garments can be made that are long lasting, show as little pilling as possible and retain their shape after washing. Whose manufacturing process is without suffering and with little chemistry. That is why we only have several select yarn lines. It often takes years and many attempts until we are fully satisfied with the quality - because quality is where we make no compromises.

Our mission

Doing good with good wool

The love for people, animals and nature is at the centre of our activities and we assume full responsibility. We do this transparently through our common good balance sheet. In addition to our commitment to a sustainable value chain, we donate part of our proceeds in an effort to effectively reduce suffering. Consequently, by purchasing Rosy Green Wool yarn, you can also be a part of making the world a better place for everyone.

Knitters Against Malaria

Helping people

80,000 € donated so far

One of the most effective ways to save human lives is to protect people against malaria using mosquito nets. Therefore, we support the work of the Against Malaria Foundation, which has so far used our donations to distribute over 42,000 bed nets. Together with the designer Melanie Berg, we began the campaign ‘Knitters Against Malaria’ to which the international knitting community has given more than €100,000.


Protecting animals

65,000 € donated so far

Worldwide, approximately 110 billion animals are currently farmed - 11 times more than the number of farmed animals 50 years ago - and this number is quickly increasing. Most of these animals live in factory farming circumstances, where they suffer. At the same time, only 1% of all animal protection donations go to the organizations that work towards making improvements in this area. Therefore, we choose to donate to the EA Animal Welfare Fund as well as to the Albert Schweitzer Stiftung für unsere Mitwelt and the The Humane League for their corporate campaigns.

Manx Loaghtan sheep

Preserving nature

18,000 € donated so far

With the sale of our Manx Merino Fine yarn line, we were able to donate €18,000 to the Rare Breed Survial Trust so far. This charity works to support endangered sheep breeds, such as the Manx Loaghtan.

Rosy as a guest at Planet Wissen
German public TV has produced a one-hour programme on sustainable wool for the TV programme "Planet Wissen" with Rosy as a guest in the studio.