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Better wool made in a better way

Wool that gives you a feeling of fulfilment - when you touch it, smell it, knit it and wear it - starts with better sheep husbandry and with a careful selection of yarn type and colours. Finally, there is also the craftsmanship of spinning and dyeing in small manufactories. Because we believe that better wool is possible - without animal suffering, with better working conditions and with less environmental impact - all without sacrificing the wool’s softness and beautiful colours.

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Passion for good

We believe that the highest standards of quality also include ethical production. Rosy has made her passion for knitting, animal welfare and sustainability her profession, creating the wool she has always looked for.


There are always new patterns and kits for our yarn. Created by designers known from Ravelry and Instagram. Knit many times, with modern knitting techniques, well explained, from easy to moderately difficult. Start right away with the German PDFs.

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»Before I became aware that your wool existed, I didn't knit for at least 10 years. I actually only started knitting again because your wool is not only the most beautiful but of the best quality that I have ever used. Thank you very much for your dedication.«

Antje from Langelsheim