Sabine has been knitting with our wool for many years. Here she writes about her personal knitting experiences, her tips, ideas and knitting inspirations, exploring interesting questions and topics.

Life changes, but a beloved knitted piece remains

Life changes, but a beloved knitted piece remains

It has been almost seven years since I worked on an organic sheep farm in the mountains of Portugal. I spent every free minute outside knitting and enjoying the unique nature. Just like Frederick, the little mouse from the children's book by Leo Lionni, I collected my impressions from this wonderful time and knitted the "sunbeams, colours and words" into individual squares. Later, I neatly sewed them together, and so it became a very special blanket - a knitted warming embrace.

Sitting woman wrapped in a home-knitted woollen blanket in the middle of the Portuguese countryside

Does that sound familiar to you? It might! Because during my years in Portugal, I regularly wrote texts for Rosy Green Wool as "Miss Knittington". A lot has happened in the meantime. I started a family and am now a mum - to a little girl and an even younger boy. I am happy every time I see my Portugal blanket. Since I have children, it is used even more often than before.
On walks, it has warmed my babies in the pram; on picnics, it has given us a cosy spot outside; and for stuffed animals and dolls, it is sometimes a cave, sometimes a bed, sometimes a favourite dress. It often accompanies us to the sofa when we snuggle up to read or watch a children's film.

Children viewed from above on colourful picnic blanket with salted pretzels

In all these moments, they are there again: the warm Portuguese sunbeams, the colours of the sheep, olives and figs, and the familiar sound of the language. And it feels good to keep the memories alive and tell my children about them. Back then, when I sat on the rock and put hours into my Frederick blanket, I never thought I would pass it on to my own little "mice" a few years later. Life changes, but a beloved knitted piece remains.

knitting woman sitting outside in the hills

What has also remained is my love of knitting. Because knitting is my creative balance in my often stressful and chaotic everyday life. And it gives me so much pleasure to knit for my little ones - and let's be honest: Is there anything sweeter than children in wool? My enthusiasm for Rosy Green Wool hasn't changed either. When I met Patrick and Rosy in 2012, I was really impressed by their passion for their good cause and the gorgeous yarn, and I loved writing for them. So here I am again: no longer as Miss Knittington from Portugal, but as Sabine, the knitting toddler mum. It's great to be part of the team again, and I'm looking forward to some regained freedom and self-realisation.
I would like to take you behind the scenes of Rosy Green Wool from time to time. You can look forward to personal tips and ideas, knitting inspiration and an interview every now and then. And sometimes, there's bound to be some children's knitting, too...

Happy knitting, and see you soon